The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

March 30, 2013

Webb City to restore smaller water tower

By Ryan Richardson

WEBB CITY, Mo. — A Webb City water tower near the corner of Hall and Cardinal streets that has been unused for a decade may soon be back in use.

The city council recently agreed to buy equipment that will help balance the pressure between it and the city’s larger water tower near King Jack Park.

The smaller tower has a 300,000-gallon capacity, said interim City Manager Carl Francis. What is needed to reactivate it is a $5,000 control valve that equalizes pressure between the smaller tower and the larger tower, which has a capacity of 1 million gallons.

“Once this tower is up and pumping, it will serve the area east of the railroad tracks while increasing flow and pressure to the rest of the city,” Francis said last week. “We will also be able to stop overflow from the tower, which was a problem before.”

Francis estimates that the smaller tower will be operational by July.

“This will have no impact on rates for the customer or the city,” Francis said.

The council also approved a second contract for $7,000 with Olsson Associates to examine treatment operations of the city’s six active wells.

Francis said officials with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources believe there needs to be a longer chlorination process from the time the water is drawn up in the wells until it reaches the taps of homeowners.

“Our water quality issues have been fine according to them, but this will put us in line for future preventative measures in case anything does go wrong. We want to figure out what we would have to change if we were required to.”