The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

May 11, 2013

Redevelopment board to consider adding members

By Debby Woodin

JOPLIN, Mo. — Members of the Joplin Redevelopment Corp. will be asked Tuesday to expand the number of seats on the board.

The proposal would increase the seats on the JRC, also known as the 353 Commission, to seven from five.

The JRC is the city board that is buying land for the tornado redevelopment projects being guided by the Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners, the city’s contracted master developer.

“There has been some concern that we need to make the board larger so that if we have a conflict or someone is absent they can still transact business,” said Brian Head, the city attorney.

Members who work for banks that have lent money to the board for property transactions have to abstain on property purchases to avoid a conflict of interest, Head said.

If there is an abstention and one member is absent, that leaves only two members to make and second motions because the commission chairman may not do that.

Additionally, the commission must have a majority of members present to have a quorum to conduct business.

“It would be very difficult where you could not secure a quorum because of personal reasons or absence, so I think it is a smart move to expand the board by two additional people,” said David Wallace, CEO of the Wallace-Bajjali firm.

Head said the commission will have to amend its bylaws to enact the change.

The City Council does not have to authorize the expansion of the board but it will appoint the new board members.

Head said the council likely will put out a call for applicants.

Applications to serve on city boards may be obtained from the city clerk’s office or on the city’s website at

The board’s agenda also calls for a closed session for real estate transactions.

JRC board members

Current members of the JRC are Ron Darby, chairman; Brad McIntyre, Brian Shaw, Michael Hagan and Kevin Russell.