The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

November 15, 2012

Joplin’s leaf vacuums almost ready to roll

From staff reports

— Joplin residents who want their leaves to be picked up by the city may want to start raking. City pickup will start Monday, Nov. 26.

First on the list are the neighborhoods of Silver Creek and Wildwood.

After that, a street department crew will move to the area of 13th Street and Rex Avenue and work north to Range Line Road and Zora Street. The crew then will work in the neighborhoods of Royal Heights and College View.

A crew from the parks department will start south of 32nd Street and west of Main Street.

The two crews will work toward the middle of town.

If there is no adverse weather that delays the work, it takes more than a month to collect the leaves, according to Mary Anne Phillips, the city’s recycling coordinator.

She said in a statement that residents should rake leaves to the curb but not put them in bags. It also is requested that leaves not be raked into the street because they can clog storm drains. She also is advising residents not to cover manhole covers or water meter wells. She said tree limbs, rocks and other yard debris should not be left in the leaf piles.

Residents who want to dispose of their own leaves may take them to the Joplin composting area at 6457 Eddy Lane, near the Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant at the intersection of Eddy and Peace Church roads in northwest Joplin.

Collection bins that usually are available at the Joplin Public Works Center are not available currently, Phillips said, so leaves should not be taken there.

She recommends composting as an earth-friendly means of getting rid of leaves. Leaves, grass and vegetable scraps can be placed in a compost bin, kept moist and stirred occasionally. It takes about two seasons for the leaves to compost. Phillips recommends the use of compost on yards and plants rather than chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

Leaves also may be mulched with lawn mowers and applied to lawns and gardens.

Other methods of disposal that may be used, but are not recommended, are burning leaves, or bagging them and setting them out for trash pickup.

If leaves are burned, residents are asked to contact the Joplin Fire Department at 623-0403 for a burn permit and rules on burning.

On the Net

INFORMATION ON BURNING is available on the Joplin Fire Department’s website at