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Memorial Middle School Shooting

October 15, 2006

Readers share opinions on school shooting

Editor’s Note: The community began reacting almost immediately to the shooting Monday at Joplin’s Memorial Middle School. By the end of the day Tuesday, the Globe had received more than 30 letters to the editor and nearly 200 comments on

We received many letters from around the country. We will print only letters written by those with a demonstrable link to our area. Please check Monday and Tuesday editions for further community comment.

Money for security

As a parent I am physically sick after Monday’s shooting episode at Memorial Middle School.

There is much I want to say, but I’m going to focus on what I believe is the most important issue. Taxes. Each of our small communities call upon it’s citizens to pass tax increases to help with education. Build a bigger library, build a new auditorium, build a bigger football stadium. And for the most part, my observation is that we citizens say “yes” to taxes that are geared to make our children’s education better.

The next time we are called upon to say “yes” to a tax increase for our schools, why not make the increase geared toward the safety of our children while at the school. Like it or not, this is now a part of our reality. More and more people home-school their children.

I am beginning to really understand why. Seems to me that there should be one main entrance for all students to use. There should be a principal, administrator or, better, a security guard to observe all the students who come in.

There should also be a metal detector. Sorry, but there should be. Like getting on an airplane. I am pleased to say that when I let my daughter off at the Carthage Junior High School, nine times out of 10, I see the principal standing in a place where the kids have to pass him to go into the school. It makes me feel more secure leaving her every day.

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Memorial Middle School Shooting