Jim Rogers has plenty of advice for anyone looking reel in the catch of the day.

"I'm full of information," Rogers said. "Probably the best you've ever saw.

"You have to learn how the fish acts, what it does, how it feeds, how it acts in certain types of water. It's a science, not luck."

Rogers' fishing tips include:

After a weather front moves through, switch to a smaller bait. The fish are adjusting and normally won't go after the bigger bait.

In a lot of lakes, there are stumps at the bottom where brush was cleared. If you can see the stumps, fish on the shady side of them.

Find the bends in the lake using a depth buoy because that is an indication of the lake's current.

"Fish don't move from point A to point B," Rogers says. "They use the currents."

If the lake has trees, look for the biggest trees because that is a good indication of where the lake's current is also. Fish near the biggest trees.

If fishing from a boat, pull the boat up parallel to the bank and get as close as possible. Then slowly move your bait from shallow to deep water until you find the depth where the fish are.

Always have a map of the lake.

"The young fisherman always fishes too many places," Rogers says. "They don't know where to look. Ninety percent of the fish are caught by 10 percent of the fishermen from 10 percent of the lake."

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