By Sheila Stogsdill

Special to the Globe

GROVE, Okla. - Beginning Sunday, area churches will unite for the purpose of preaching the same sermon for the next nine weeks.

"This is the first time in our community that we know of where we have several churches joining together for a citywide event," said Wayne Shaw, First Christian Church pastor. "Every pastor will apply his personal touch for his individual congregation."

The series - "The Magnificent Obsession: Getting Real with God" - is based on Richard Foster's book, "Celebration of Discipline," Shaw said.

The series, which deals with spiritual disciplines, includes prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, confession, worship and guidance.

"We believe unity among the churches will be a product of the series," Shaw said.

He said the idea for the series came out of prayer and relationships that have development amongst the pastors in the area.

Other churches participating in the special event are: First Christian Church, First Baptist Church, Accrete Church, First Assembly of God Church, First Presbyterian Church, Council House Friends Church, Good Shepherd Church and First Methodist Church Newsong Church.

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