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Joe Hadsall

Globe Features Editor

~ First off: A special thank you to our cover models and musicians Jack and Lee Ann Sours, who agreed to that crazy photo idea. They were great sports and even better models for a guy who wanted to decorate them with veggies. Go and listen to their incredible music today at the Webb City Farmers Market.

~ Man, I was really looking forward to making fun of Dave Woods.

In this week's Booze Beat, he writes about his brand new, shiny, Char-Broil propane grill. Because I am a Weber brat and charcoal snob when it comes to grilling, I was looking forward to hassling him with my Hank Hill impression (which others in the newsroom can testify is pretty good).

But Woods said he wishes he could have a charcoal grill, and the only reason he went with the Char-Broil is because he lives in an apartment with a wooden deck. So it's not fair to make fun of him. And, he picked the Porsche of gas grills.


In this week's column, he provides a couple of beer-based barbecue sauces that look pretty good. Check them out on page 8. Because we are both members of Grillaholics Not-So-Anonymous, I'll probably give them a shot, sometime after I experiment with taco burgers stuffed with tomatillos.

I'll probably still find a way to work in the Hank Hill impression. I'll feel only a little guilty about it.

~ I should be absolutely gobsmackingly stoked about Drew Brees making the cover of "Madden '11." The announcement was made last week that Brees beat out Jared Allen and Reggie Wayne for the honor (this was the first time fans got to pick the cover player, and between those three, it really wasn't a contest).

There has been so much great coverage of the Saints because of the Super Bowl win, and Brees' selection for the video game of all video games keeps the Who Dat love abundant. Brees was on Letterman, the Today show and in some great commercials for the game.

I should be geeked. But I'm superstitious. So I've knocked on wood almost every day since the announcement.

See, history hasn't been kind to the Madden cover players. I won't bore you with the history here. But I'll add that Brees plays in the NFC South, a division that hasn't had a repeat winner since its creation and, in fact, has a worst-to-first reputation from year to year.

I'll still get a copy of the new game, and I'll still watch every Saints game I can. But I'm going to be white-knuckled and petrified after every snap. Be careful, Drew!

~ I wish there were more movies to get geeked out over. The only one during the upcoming blockbuster season is "Iron Man 2," which hits next week. Scott Meeker, Enterprise Editor extraordinaire, has me looking forward to "Inception."

But that's it. I can't remember a more dull-looking movie season. Not even the latest "Harry Potter" movie looks good. Bummer.

~ "FlashForward" gripe: Last week was the episode where Demetri was supposed to meet his end, and it looked like the flashforward was going to come true. Dyson Frost kidnapped him and rigged him to a device that, if he moved at all, Mark Benford's gun would be fired into his chest.

The device had this mechanism that pulled the trigger the same way a finger would. Remember that when reading the next paragraph.

Benford saved the day by using a Dr. Seuss book to remember the order of colored wires and muscle the gun upwards to miss Demitri. The gun fired while aimed safely above Demetri's head.

My question: WHY DIDN'T BENFORD PRESS THE SAFETY ON THE GUN? For crying out loud!

~ Back to the irrational exuberance: I'm liking the sounds of Queens Club, a Kansas City based band that will be at Blackthorn in mid-May.

I listened to some tracks from the band's album "Little Giant" and they aren't bad. They have a good rock-pop sound; I'm interested to hear how it translates live.

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