HOLLYWOOD - God bless America, and how's everybody?

President Bush will appear on Meet the Press Sunday and take tough questions from Tim Russert. The move is designed to reverse his sinking poll numbers. He could have done the Larry King Show, but he didn't want people to think he had died.

The U.S. Senate was evacuated Monday when powdered ricin was discovered inside a letter. Administration officials don't know who to blame. Their first instinct is to point out that like many top executives, Saddam Hussein started out in the mailroom.

Don Rumsfeld said Wednesday he's not yet ready to conclude Iraq didn't have WMDs. His credibility is suffering. Nobody wants to say the intelligence was bogus, but Baghdad Bob is now distributing humorous videotapes of Rumsfeld's wartime press conferences.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday in favor of gay marriage. Official reaction was mixed. John Kerry expressed his opposition, but Ted Kennedy is forbidden by the laws of comedy from taking a position on the sanctity of marriage.

John Edwards sent out a fundraising e-mail to his supporters Wednesday which described his rise from humble roots to becoming a highly successful personal injury lawyer. An ambulance follows the president wherever he goes. That would be a switch.

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