Community sends cookies to Oklahoma soldiers

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - Thank-you notes and cookies are headed to Oklahoma soldiers fighting terrorism in the Middle East.

The Sand Springs community has collected more than 300 boxes of cookies for Oklahoma National Guard troops in Kuwait.

The town celebrated "1st Battalion, 179th Infantry Day" with a flag salute, prayer and mass package mailing. Two companies of the unit were sent to Kuwait earlier this year.

"This is really important because it is honoring them and our country," said 10-year-old Ashley Hampton, whose grandfather served in World War II and uncle died in Vietnam. "I'm not doing this just because of my grandpa, but because we need to tell them 'Thank you.'"

Children from Garfield Elementary walked to the First Christian Church carrying American flags, giving the packages a proper send-off.

"I bet they'll be happy when they get them," said 11-year-old Kyler Parvin. "They probably don't have much good to eat. They'll see this and say, 'Hey, look, there's a cookie.'"

The care packages included handwritten notes saying thank you and God Bless You. Others were more personal.

"I am 9. My dad fought in a war. I am proud of you," wrote a fourth-grader.

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