You betcha it gets cold in Tower, Minn., but how will we know how cold?

The northeastern Minnesota town that recorded the state's record low in 1996 - 60 degrees below zero - is without an official weather observer. The woman who held the post left in mid-October. She had reported Tower's daily temperature and precipitation since 1972.

In the meantime, highs and lows are being recorded at a building in town that stands at a higher elevation than the official weather station. Colder air typically drains into the valley.

Tower, about 35 miles south of the Canadian border, and nearby Embarrass usually vie for Minnesota's daily low, forecasters say.

Mike Stewart, with the National Weather Service station in Duluth, said the agency is searching for a replacement to fill the spot in the valley. "It's not going to go by the wayside," he said.

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