The Joplin School board will discuss updates to the April 3 bond issue, relocating a partially rebuilt house on property the district purchased near Joplin High School and a facilities review for the proposed permanent schools that would replace those destroyed in the May 22 tornado.

“We’re going to give the board an update on the effort to get information out about what’s going on and what we’re doing to educate the community about the bond request,” said Superintendent CJ Huff.

Another item on the consent agenda include the board voting on relocating the partially-rebuilt house at 2308 Iowa Ave. The house was previously owned by Cynthia Turner who had begun rebuilding after the house was destroyed in the May 22 tornado.

The property, along with the rest of the neighborhood, was later purchased by the school district for the future site of Joplin High School. District officials say they have to move the location of the school since the old one was located in a floodplain and they would not be eligible for millions in federal aid if they rebuilt there.

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