By Jeff Wells

Globe Staff Writer

WEBB CITY, Mo. - Nine-year-old Samantha Brittain received a sweet reward for her good deeds.

Samantha, a fourth-grader at Webb City's Mark Twain Elementary School, was honored Wednesday by the Webb City Police Department and Shake's Frozen Custard for twice turning in lost wallets.

Jamey Allen lost his wallet in Hatten Park on College Street last week while playing with his two children. Allen said he discovered it was missing when he came home, but within 30 minutes police called saying Samantha had found his wallet.

"It was awesome," he said. "I had credit cards in there and pictures that couldn't be replaced."

Samantha said she found the wallets in the park and each time asked an adult friend to take them to the police. Samantha turned in a woman's wallet a week before she found Allen's.

Samantha's mother, Milinda Brittain, said that she is "extremely proud" of her daughter. "She has helped many of her friends at school," Brittain said. "She is a pretty honest little girl."

Allen's brother owns Shake's and he approached him about giving the girl a reward.

"It is important that kids get recognized when they do something good," Allen said.

Police Chief Don Richardson said the department also wanted to praise Samantha's honesty and decided to combine their recognition with Shake's. "We felt she was a good Samaritan and a good role model for other students," Richardson said.

A Webb City officer picked her up from school in the department's Drug Abuse Resistance Education vehicle, a special edition 1965 Mustang built to be a highway patrol interceptor. Her parents and grandparents formed a caravan behind the car as it traveled to Shake's for a cool treat.

There the department gave her a certificate of recognition and a T-shirt.

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