Mass murders

Henry Morgan says the communists didn't begin mass murders until after December 1934 (Voices, Globe, Nov. 9). Right! And I'll bet he has a bridge to sell also. That one belongs on the wall in the school of Holocaust denial.

Morgan calls for names: "I challenge him to name a single one who wrote of the purges before Dec. 1, 1934." Well, here is the first one: Walter Duranty. For reporting in Soviet Russia, there is a Pulitzer Prize in his name. Or at least for now there is.

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L.R. Williams


Picking up litter

I believe the residents of Webb City and Jasper County owe the Science Club of Webb City High School a debt of gratitude. On a recent Saturday morning, these students were picking up litter along Highway 171 close to the Joplin airport.

They picked up and bagged many bags of litter - litter that was thrown along the highway by litterbugs who don't know any better. The club members made the area look much better for those of us who appreciate a clean environment and saved the county dollars in having employees do this chore.

I have lived in this area 14 years, and I have not heard of anyone cited by law enforcement officers for littering our roadways. Again, many thanks to the Science Club of Webb City High School.

Stan Lewis

Carl Junction

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