Readers picked Ed Simpson in a landslide over Scott Meeker, with 117 readers picking Ed and only 39 tabbing Scott on the question of whether elderly drivers should be tested more frequently than others. Under the rules of engagement, that means Ed stays to write another day, picking the topic and his opponent. (Scott remains the historic victor, with two straight wins.)

Reader comments:

For Ed

"Accidents happen to people regardless of age. A lot of us old people still shop, still work and still live. The question is, are we being discriminated against?"

"I think it would be discrimination."

"I think he is using a lot of common sense. If you are going to retest people, you should retest everyone over a period of time."

"I'm 83 years old and it just makes me mad to read what this Scott Meeker wrote. Don't make us do this testing and all this other stuff; we have enough stuff to do. This just makes my blood boil."

"I think the recent law allowing people to anonymously report is a good thing as well."

"I've been on the road for 40 years; I know what it takes to drive."

"I don't think the elderly should be penalized and have to take a driver's test more often than other people."

"I see these young blonde girls combing their hair. I am an elderly driver and I am a safe driver, I believe."

"It is the teenagers we have to worry about. We elder drivers drive slow ... slower."

"The younger people are the more dangerous drivers in society right now, and if we implemented a few more rules for them that would be good."

"I agree with Ed because he is a more sensible, more mature person and he takes the better view."

"The younger folks on drugs and alcohol are causing all these accidents."

"It is preposterous to take away the privilege from the people who have earned it."

"I'm 85 years old, and I have never had any accidents or points against me that were my fault."

"I agree with Ed, what else will they take away from us seniors? Why don't they just take everyone over 70 and put them in a cage; it's coming to that."

"I agree with Ed. Mr. Meeker exemplifies the saying 'young and dumb.' It is the smug arrogance of youth which makes younger drivers far more dangerous than older drivers. I should know as I once was one. I know far more deceased young people who killed themselves or someone else than I do older people who have done likewise. Mr. Meeker should consider the fact that if it wasn't for older drivers he wouldn't have any roads to drive on."

"This kid - Mr. Meeker - doesn't know what he is talking about."

"Actually, I agree with both of them, but since Ed's was so beautifully written I'm voting for him." (Editor's Note: Clearly this is a reader with superior intelligence and refined taste.)

For Scott

"Mr. Simpson needs to understand that driving is still a privilege and you should have to earn that privilege every year. Just because another group is more dangerous doesn't change the issue with elderly drivers."

"I just wanted to say I totally agree with you, and Edgar is out of his mind."

"The time comes for all of us. I'm getting there myself."

"I think all older people should be tested. I'm old myself."

"I have older parents, and I believe they definitely should be tested."

"Somebody has got to keep track of them and make sure they don't hurt themselves or somebody else."

"I work in an eye doctor's office and I see a lot of elderly people coming in there. They cannot see."

"I'm 82 years old, and I definitely agree with Scott."

"I have a stepfather who is 69 years old and is a terrible driver. He scares the heck out of me."

"I'm almost 50 years old and I realize that very shortly I will need to be tested yearly."

"I am a 911 operator for Jasper County. I would agree with Scott Meeker in his view that seniors should be periodically tested for aptitude. I would also add that EVERY OTHER DRIVER regardless of age should be periodically tested for aptitude. I was thinking about most countries in Europe. In many of these countries it is very difficult and expensive to get your license in the first place. In Holland, for example, one must pay roughly $1,000 (U.S.) up front just to take the exam, let alone actually getting the license. Before actually taking the exam one must take an ETHICS course. An ETHICS COURSE! But I digress. In brief, I agree with Scott."

"Sometimes family have a hard time telling parents they are too old to drive."

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