Losing doctors

I read the guest column by Ed Hershewe (Globe, Nov. 7) with interest.

Facts he stated in his column include data that has been available for a long time. Just the same, while he presented cold hard facts, he neglected the cold hard fact that the current state of affairs is driving doctors away from many states, including Missouri. In addition he neglected to mention the problem of greed-driven lawyers filing lawsuits that never should have been filed; lawsuits that are lost, still cost insurance companies and affect the bottom line and reputation of the doctor involved. Lastly he failed to mention often lawyers will not take cases involving many of the issues he mentioned.

The sad fact is tracks are easy to cover and some issues are hard to prove, issues that do cause needless suffering and death.

What is the bottom line - the average patient is caught in the middle of a struggle between the medical, insurance, and legal profession with reforms needed in all three areas, not just two!

A good lawyer would own up to that fact. Missouri is one of the states losing many fine doctors over the cost of malpractice insurance and that trend needs to stop. But I repeat, reform is needed in ALL involved professions, not just two!

Steve Hinds


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