Questioning stance

Missouri Right to Life recently circulated a memo concerning state funding of alternatives to abortion services. These services provide pregnant women with assistance to carry their unborn children to term instead of having abortions. It assists them with prenatal and well baby care, safe and stable housing, parenting skills training, education and job training, and adoption-placement services.

I was shocked and dismayed to read that Missouri Right to Life was taking a neutral stance on this program. It stated in the memo that "state fiscal problems" should be taken into consideration. In other words, it values lowering taxes more than it values Missouri's pregnant women and their unborn children. Coupled with its opposition to Proposition A (the cigarette tax) last November, Missouri Right to Life is showing a consistent anti-tax agenda. But with its neutral stance on Missouri's abortion-alternatives program, it is sending mixed signals as to its stance on pro-life issues.

It is apparent that Missouri Right to Life is more concerned with its anti-tax agenda and Republican Party politics than it is with addressing the issues that affect unborn children. It's time that pro-life Missourians realize that they are being used by Missouri Right to Life to support partisan politics, not the unborn.

State Rep. Matt Muckler


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