Set record straight

I write to set the record straight regarding an article which appeared on Oct. 18 in the Joplin Globe titled "Local Episcopalians Voice Their Dissent at National Conference." The facts are that no "local Episcopalians" were addressed in the article. The title and the story, therefore, are careless and misleading at best or intentionally inaccurate at worst.

The article did contain numerous quotations from a "Fr." Taylor, pastor of a "Holy Trinity Anglican Church." Let the record show that "Fr." Taylor is "not" an Episcopal priest, nor is he a member of an Episcopal church, be that in the Diocese of West Missouri, the Episcopal Church, U.S.A., or the Anglican Communion. Only those churches recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury are truly Anglican and "Fr." Taylor's congregation is not so recognized. As such, "Fr." Taylor has no standing to speak for Episcopalians.

The Globe has a rich heritage of practicing sound journalism and eschewing a tabloid approach to news. Regrettably that is not the case in regard to this article. An apology to all Episcopalians and to all who, with them, expect excellence and responsible ethical standards from the press, would be more than appropriate.

John H. McCann


Episcopal Dioceses of West Missouri

Kansas City

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