OK, one question for all who do not want electronic listening, which they are not listening in the first place. What do you suggest?

I want to know, President Bush would surely like to know, and the rest of the United States would certainly like for you to share your ideas with them.

All they are doing is checking the frequently called numbers from within to known terrorist factions anyway. How many life-threatening attempts have been stopped this way - two, three, 103? If it stops one attempt, that's worth it to my safety and way of life here in the United States.

By the time President Bush got a court order, the deed would be done and we would be dead. If President Bush bends any further backwards for the ACLU, which by the way is why we can no longer profile, we will all be dead.

The president took an oath to keep us safe from harm, and that is what the government is supposed to do, protect, not aid terrorists. So what part of dead do you not understand? What, are you are on the side of the enemy?

What you should be looking into is how many private citizens are listening to your personal conversations by scanners, ham radios, and let's not forget the Internet, which has more private information than anything else we have access to.

Your neighbor or someone on the other side of Joplin may know more about you and yours than you want them to. Maybe you are up to some illegal activities of your own. So, I think you all are looking in the wrong place.

Carol S. Thomas


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