The Joplin City Council has done it again. After hearing arguments for and against the museum moving into Memorial Hall, and not taking the time to research to see if there were any other options for using Memorial Hall for what it was originally built for, they put a sales tax on the ballot for April 6.

Once voters give approval to house the museum in Memorial Hall, it will be lost and gone forever. No more downtown convention center.

If, on the other hand, that same tax this ballot question is asking you to pass would be used to expand Memorial Hall into a very desirable downtown convention center — one that would hold about 5,000 happy fans — with dressing rooms for the performers and small meeting rooms for conventioneers, all this would bring into town a lot more people than the museum does or would if it were to move.

There are many empty buildings on Main Street that would be much better suited for a museum, older and more in keeping with preserving Joplin’s history, than to lose once and for all our only memorial to all our veterans, living and dead. Memorial Hall needs to remain memorial, now and forever.

Voting “no” on the proposed sales tax for the museum is a must to keep Memorial Hall a Memorial Hall.

Walter Kane


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