... “Nevertheless, we would like to see a return to the MAP test. A test that judges a school district on its ability to educate should not affect students’ grade cards.”

The above is the last lines from the Globe’s youth editorial board’s first foray into opinion journalism.

First, congratulations to the Globe and the young people willing to serve. I look forward to what musings lie in those minds in the months to come.

Second, ah, second there’s always that darn second just lurking around the corner waiting to make a point.

And the point is simply this:

How better to judge a district’s true “ability to educate” than its students’ grades?

As for the added “stress,” tests are always stressful, but an assessment test here and there should not be your major concern. Rather, fear more the stress you’ll face a few years hence as you try to survive in a real world with fake grades fluffed up by an educational establishment whose only real interest was its own self-interest.

Geoff Caldwell


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