Our household would not be without a weather radio that is, in our opinion, a necessity in this volatile weather area. In fact, many areas around the country have become more volatile. The weather radio we presently own is a digital all hazard (Model WR-100, year 2006), the same make (Midland) as the weather radio featured on The Joplin Globe’s front page on March 21.

Some of our features are as follows:

1. Programming for weather channels for our areas.

2. Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, Springfield, Mo. — hours 24-7 with frequencies outside AM or FM broadcast bands for quick emergency information.

3. Battery back-up.

4. Snooze alarm.

5. Three alert lights, i.e.: red-warning; orange-watch; yellow-advisory that remains on until weather alert conditions are over.

6. Flood warnings for each county and respective locations.

7. Extended weather outlook (up to five days) along with each day’s temperatures (highs and lows), rain percentage, hail sizes, if applicable cloudy, sunny, etc.

8. Two-day weather outlook for Kansas City, St. Louis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Chicago and Dallas.

9. Potential fire hazards and locations.

10. Lake levels.

11. Time of day.

12. Tornado preparation and information if applicable.

The entire system is both informative and comprehensive. One should frequently check the weather radio, because the weather is very dynamic and changeable. True, the weather alerts can be repetitious and annoying, but that is a small inconvenience for one’s safety. Just remember, a weather radio can save lives at a very reasonable cost with little effort.

Rita Crowell


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