The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

July 24, 2009

Review: Library's online resources receive upgrades

If you visited the online resources pages of the library Web site this month, you probably noticed some changes. For example, instead of Academic Search Elite, you now have access to Academic OneFile and MasterFILE Premier has been replaced with General OneFile. In fact, most of the databases we received from Ebscohost have been replaced.

Joplin Public Library is part of MOREnet (Missouri Research and Education Network). Through our affiliation with MOREnet we get high speed Internet access, technical support, and access to research and periodical databases.

For many years Ebsco Publishing provided these research and periodical databases. However, this year the evaluation committee awarded the contract to Gale Cengage Learning. The library already provides access to several Gale databases for you, such as Biography Resource Center, Gale LegalForms, Litfinder and Price It. With these and the MOREnet supplied databases, you will have access to 30 Gale Cengage Learning products.

Like Ebscohost, the Gale databases provide access to indexing and full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books. Plus you will get new resources in health and business. Many of the resources are cross searchable, meaning you can choose several databases and search them all with one action.

Searching is easy with a prominently displayed search box and helpful information on each homepage. When you display an article or abstract you can print, e-mail or download (as a text file or a MP3 file). You can also cite the article in MLA or APA style, look up words in the dictionary, translate the article into one of 11 different languages or have it read aloud to you.

You can open an account to create and keep lists, searches, search alerts and RSS feeds. There is a tutorial you can view which explains the advantages to creating an account and everything it can do for you. For your account, just open one of the following databases, click on Login at the top right of the screen then choose “Click here to set up an account.”

Some of the new databases include:

• General OneFile, a general interest database covering a wide range of topics. It includes coverage from almost 12,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers; a full collection of NPR audio files; more than 5,000 video files from shows such as “Meet the Press and “Today;” 500 travel guides; and more than 20 reference sets. Much of the content is full-text, including the New York Times back to 1985.

• Academic OneFile, a scholarly index of almost 13,000 titles including 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. It has extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature, and other subjects. It also contains podcasts and transcripts from NPR, CNN, and CBC. It has full-text coverage of the New York Times as well as the Times (London) back to 1985 and the Financial Times from 1996 to the current.

• Business and Company Resource Center, which contains millions of records on companies and industry. You get detailed company profiles, industry rankings, company performance ratings, brands, investment reports and ratings, financial overviews, industry statistics, and much more. Major business trends and events are covered from 1980 to the present.

• Small Business Resource Center, a comprehensive database covering all aspects of starting and operating a business. You will find information on accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, taxes and more. The database also contains more than 350 examples of business plans on all types of business ventures.

• Health and Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Health Module, which provides access to trusted medical reference materials. Information comes from health/medical journals, newsletters, pamphlets, health articles in general interest magazines and medical reference titles including the Encyclopedia of Medicine. There are also links to trusted health Web sites and streaming videos from medical experts.

• Informe, a full-text Spanish language database with articles from more than 420 Spanish language and bilingual magazines, journals, and newspapers. It offers information for both the general reader and academic researcher and provides a bilingual interface to allow use by English speakers as well.

Also check out the databases especially for students: Student Edition (high school), Junior Edition (middle school and junior high), and Kids InfoBits (kindergarten to fifth grade). Get online and discover these and all the other new resources available to you.

Patty Crane is the reference librarian at the Joplin Public Library.