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August 7, 2009

Book review: ‘Prayers for Sale’ features beautifully woven stories

‘Prayers for Sale’

By Sandra Dallas

Eighty-six year-old Hennie has been in Middle Swan, Colo., high in the mountains, for longer than just about anyone else in town. She came there about 70 years ago when an old school friend invited her to come out and meet a male friend. Hennie’s husband died in the Civil War and her young daughter had died in a tragic accident, so after some thought to her friend’s offer, Hennie moved.

Much to her delight, Jacob Comfort is just who she’s looking for and soon they marry. At 60, Jacob passes on, leaving Hennie a home and plenty to get her by for many years to come.

When Nit and Dick Spindle move to town, Hennie takes a shine to the 17-year old young bride and proceeds to introduce her to Middle Swan, the women in the quilting group and life in the mountains.

As author Sandra Dallas did in “The Persian Pickle Club,” stories are woven and sewn together as neatly and beautifully as the quilts Hennie makes. This is a well-written historical fiction novel that is perfect with a cup of tea (or coffee) and a good conversation with friends around a quilting frame or your kitchen table.

‘Killer Keepsakes’

By Jane K. Cleland

When one of Josie Prescott’s reliable and helpful employees fails to show up for work after vacation, Josie sets out to find out what has happened.

Gretchen has worked at Prescott’s Antiques and Appraisals for four years. Josie hired her more on gut instinct than traditional hiring practices. When Gretchen seemingly disappears on the day she was to return from her week-long vacation, Josie comes to realize how little she really does know about her employee and how little the rest of the staff knows about Gretchen’s life prior to coming to New Hampshire.

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