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March 21, 2008

Book review: Book offers generous 'Slice of Organic Life'

"A Slice of Organic Life"

Compiled by editor-in-chief Sheherazade Goldsmith

Sheherazade Goldsmith has created a handsome book featuring an array of projects that are ideal for anyone wanting to go “green.”

While some might argue that this book has too many ideas and not enough information, it should be used as a guide for novices looking for projects to start them on a more environmentally friendly path. It does give many ideas, but it is that feature that is one of ˆthe most enjoyable.

While much of the book focuses on food — growing, buying, preserving, cooking, eating, and composting — it also covers a host of other topics — recycling, eco-friendly DIY materials, using renewable energy, and cleaning.

Structurally simple, the book is comprised of three generously illustrated chapters. Chapter One is entitled “No Need For A Yard” and window-box planting and shopping ethically are just two of the twenty-eight projects. I chapter two, “Roof Terrace, Patio, or Tiny Yard,” growing vegetables in a “square foot” garden, composting, and collecting rainwater are detailed. The concluding chapter, “Yard, Community Garden, or Field,” has sections on raising livestock and fowl, and while not comprehensive, they offer a good jumping-off point.

Overall this book is an exceptional addition to the surplus of “green living” literature. Its usable format, beautiful photographs and assortment of ideas make it a stand out.

“Wright 3”

By Blue Balliett

Supersleuths Calder and Petra are back. This time they have help from Calder’s old friend, Tommy — though the threesome is not quite a cohesive team.

Tommy feels as though Petra has taken his place; and with Tommy back in the picture, Petra is feeling left out; while Calder is stuck in the middle trying to balance the delicate situation and not hurt anyone. To further complicate matters, there is an art mystery to solve courtesy of their sixth-grade teacher, Ms. Hussey.

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