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December 4, 2009

Book review: Intense action propels 'Memory Collector'

“The Memory Collector”

By Meg Gardiner (compact disc audiobook)

A couple of passengers restrain Ian Kanan, passenger on a flight from London, when he tries to open an exit door. Kanan has no memory of where he is or why he is in the United States.

Dr. Jo Beckett a forensic psychologist is called in to investigate when brain scans reveal that Kanan has no short-term memory. He escapes before she discovers that his exposure to a top-secret nanotech chemical product known as “Slick” has caused a rare form of amnesia. Kanan only remembers things up until the time of his exposure to this mysterious biological contaminant. He will never be able to form new memories or ever hold a memory for more than five minutes.

Kanan is desperately looking for Slick. Kidnappers have his family and Slick is the ransom, only Kanan cannot remember where he put it. The reminder scrawled on his arm — “Saturday they die” — terrifies him. Jo and her friend, Lt. Amy Tang of the San Francisco Police Department, and Jo’s boyfriend, Gabe, race against time to find Kanan and the toxic chemical in order to save the city of San Francisco from this horrifying, brain-devouring substance.

Meg Gardiner’s second novel featuring Dr. Jo Beckett is a suspenseful and fast-paced thriller. Susan Ericksen effectively utilizes foreign dialects to portray realistic characters, while her excellent narration sustains the intense action.

“Gone Tomorrow”

By Lee Child (compact disc audiobook)

Jack Reacher, a former military police major, is riding on a subway car in New York when he notices that the only woman fits all of the criteria of a suicide bomber. However, what would be the point of her carrying out a suicide bombing? It is 2 o’clock in the morning and there are only four or five passengers on the subway train.

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