The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO


September 7, 2008

Work Hard, Play Harder: Quitting Time is Manager’s Adventure Time

By Stephanie Davis Goad

Jon Anderson, also known as coach, psychologist, cheerleader, principal, banker, and accountant, wears multiple hats as operations manager of Metro Builders Supply in Joplin, a major retailer of appliances.

From product support to delivery assistance to solving problems, he fills in the holes whenever there’s a need.

“Wherever we lack, I help the employees make the most of the customers coming in…. If the guys are really busy, I’ll be out delivering. It will be a hundred degrees and we’ll be out delivering and hauling ranges up three flights of stairs,” says Anderson.

He does all of the ordering and buying for the company, pays the bills, and oversees customer service.

“We always try to make the best decision for the customers,” he says, “because they are why we are in business.”

Anderson arrives at 7 a.m. and works until 5 p.m., sometimes later. And, he works hard on company time. But, when he closes up shop and heads out at the end of the day, rather than taking work home with him, he takes on a completely different life.

Quitting time is definitely not a time to quit for Anderson. It’s his time to play hard, and he does many activities outside of work that keep him just as busy as his day job.

Boxer by night, golfer on weekends, and hunter by season, the 38-year-old father of three boys says his eclectic mix of interests lowers his stress levels and helps him to better perform at his job.

Boxing is something Anderson started last December, following his September divorce. Boxing was a good stress reliever, and it allowed him to spend more quality time with his boys, who have also grown to love the sport.

“I was used to being with them and seeing them every day, and then to not see them was really hard,” he says. “It was a way to spend two hours a night, three nights a week together. Boxing is a great activity.”

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