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Senior Outlook

March 3, 2010

Melissa Gronda: Hold on, spring is just around the corner

What a winter we’ve been having! Below zero temps, snow, sleet, rain and ice – I think we have seen it all this year. So many times during the winter months, especially during cold and wet winters, we tend to become bored and depressed. When we are caring for a loved one, being cooped up inside can seem even bleaker. The days are shorter, sunlight is limited and each day seems to drag on and on.

However, there are ways to lose the winter blues. Things we all can do that are enjoyable, comforting and uplifting that will help brighten our mood and give us a positive outlook. Not only for ourselves but for those around us.

On sunny days, even when it’s cold, raise the blinds, open the curtains and let the sunshine in. Enjoy the light and warmth of the day. Buy some bright, healthy plants and bring them in the house. It will lighten up your surroundings and remind you that spring and summer are on the horizon.

You could also use this time to do some extra cleaning. Go room to room and get rid of clutter, organize things and change it around. Once you finish and see what you’ve accomplished the day will seem more tolerable. Donate things you don’t need anymore to a local charity or resale shop. Someone else can benefit from the things you no longer want or need, plus you’ll feel good helping others.

On days when it’s not too cold outside, take a walk, or simply breathe in the fresh, crisp air for a bit. It’ll make you feel refreshed and revitalized! Buy a bird feeder and set it up outside a window so you can easily see out. If you are caring for someone they will enjoy this as well.

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Senior Outlook