The Indy Racing League will cut engine horsepower to reduce speeds next season, a move accelerated by the death of driver Tony Renna and serious injuries to former Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack in separate crashes two months ago.

Brack broke his back, a thigh, his breastbone and both ankles when his car made contact with another, spun into the air and crashed during the season-ending race at Texas Motor Speedway. Ten days later, Renna was killed in a similar crash when his car went airborne at close to 220 mph during private tests at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Starting with the Indianapolis 500 next May, the IRL engines will be reduced from 3.5 liters displacement to 3.0 liters, cutting horsepower about 10 percent and reducing speeds by about 10 mph, IRL vice president John Griffin said Friday.

There was "little doubt" the change would have occurred even without the Brack and Renna crashes, he said.

"Those incidents facilitated it among the manufacturers in working with us and realizing we were going to have to make some changes for next year," Griffin said.

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