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August 18, 2013

Schremmer: With friends like these ...

A quick rant through the week in sports:

• It’s fantasy football draft time, and I’m needing my luck to turn around.

• In past years, I’ve picked more losers than the Kardashian sisters.

• Since 2004, I’ve been in a fantasy football league that includes sports editor Jim Henry (please hold your applause), fellow sports writer Ryan Atkinson and Joplin Sports Authority director Craig Hull.

• Glancing at our league’s plaque of champions, I notice Henry’s name twice and Atkinson’s once. Hull is a three-time champ and has won each of the past two years.

• Me? Zilch. Notta. Nothing. I might as well just hand them the 20 bucks, let them punch me in the stomach and save myself the embarrassment.

• Don’t worry though. Sports writer Anvil Welch was nice enough to give me some can’t miss tips for this year’s draft.

• Welch tells me I can’t go wrong with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and tight end Aaron Hernandez in the first two rounds.

• With friends like these ...

• The same friends won’t let me live down a quote from St. Mary’s-Colgan football coach Chuck Smith at this past week’s CNC preseason coaches luncheon.

• Smith, who coached me back in the day, said he never saw a player get more fired up before a game than Mark Schremmer. That part, I can live with. Then Smith continued with, “He’d prance up and down the hallway.”

• Coach, I believe you meant “pace.”

• Doesn’t matter though. As far as Henry and the gang are concerned, I will always be known as the “prancer.” That escalated into Atkinson calling me “Tiny Prancer,” and Henry singing Christmas carols. But KSHQ 100.7’s Aaron Amershek was deemed the winner with “Sir Prance-A-Lot.”

• With friends like these ...

• Raise your hand if you’ve been excited about preseason football.

• Wait. I don’t see any hands.

• The fact that season ticket owners are obiligated to pay regular season prices for preseason games is ridiculous. Glorified practices shouldn’t cost $60.

• It’d be like if movie theaters started charging for the previews.

• The number of preseason games and the ticket prices should be reduced. It’s the right thing to do, but no owner is going to elect to cut into the team’s revenue.

• With owners like these ...

• It’s difficult to handle the rollercoaster approach Kansas City Royals fans take toward the baseball season. After the Royals earned a doubleheader sweep over the Detroit Tigers on Friday, some fans were ready to hold a parade.

• Now that the Royals followed the sweep with consecutive losses to the Tigers on Saturday and Sunday, many of the same fans want everyone in Kansas City’s front office to receive their walking papers.

• With fans like these ...

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