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March 25, 2013

Zoltanski: New NCAA rules could mean more hassle for prospects

The NCAA is reconsidering new recruiting rules passed in January that allow coaches and staff members to have more contact with prospects. The new rules remove the restrictions on who is allowed to recruit, the amount of recruiting material sent to recruits, and how often coaches can contact recruits.

In the past, the recruiting coordinator, assistant coach or head coach did most of the recruiting, but with the new rules, any staff member can help in the recruiting process. This may cause staff confusion about who is contacting which recruit. If the staff is not well organized, a recruit could be getting contacted by multiple staff members from the same program.

Not only can a recruit be contacted by any member or the staff, but they can be sent an unlimited amount of recruiting material. There will be no limit on the amount of money spent on printed material being sent to recruits.

In addition to these unlimited rules, now a coach will be able to contact recruits through texts, emails, and social media as much as they want.

So there could be a college prospect that is being contacted by multiple staff members of a university, receiving a number of letters or fliers in the mail, as well as being contacted by a coach through texts, emails and over Facebook.

If that is not overwhelming for a high school student athlete who is just trying to finish their high school career, I don’t know what is.

And that is only from one school, I can’t even imagine if this type of attention was coming from multiple schools, which is a realistic situation for some of the top prospects. Programs from all over the country will do whatever they can to contact a prospect.

I think the recruiting process through email and social media will grow because it is free. There is no budget a program has to follow on the number of emails or Facebook messages they are limited to.

Smaller programs do, however, have a budget for the printed material.

A larger school such as University of Arkansas is going to have a much larger budget for printed materials than a smaller school such as Missouri State University.

According to the NCAA, coaches and administrators fear the new deregulation could lead to a “recruiting arms race that will overwhelm prospects, college coaches and athletics department budgets.”

If these rules are not reconsidered, this could cause problems in many aspects of the recruiting process.

The NCAA Board of Directors will meet again on May 2.


Samantha Zoltanski is a communication major at Missouri Southern State University and is an intern at The Joplin Globe.

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