The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

April 3, 2012

Jasper County ballot

The Joplin Globe

JASPER, Mo. — Jasper


With 48 or 48 precincts reporting, complete but unofficial returns from Jasper county are.

Tuesday’s balloting are as follows:


City Council

(Three seats)

Becky Gregg    18

Teresa Foiles    14

Linda Meister    7

Lillian Carpenter    21

William Jamison    9


School Board

(Two seats)

Rob Herron    467

Christie Hutcheson    469

Frank Pittman    437

(School tallies reflect only those from the Jasper County portion of the district; additional terrritory in Newton County.)

City Council

(1st Ward)

Donald Marshall    53

Ron Daniel    28

(2nd Ward)

Walter Hayes    48

Ed Reeves    59

Wastewater question

$4.25 million in revenue bonds

Yes    256

No    133

Sales tax question

1/2-cent tax for parks, stormwater

Yes    229

No    169


City Council

1st Ward

Kirby Newport    39

Trevor Smith    28

3rd Ward

John Studebaker    44

Dustin Blankenship    38

4th Ward

Lee Carlson    154

Dick Fanning    118

School Board

(Two seats)

Michael Goolsby    537

Lee Pound    590

Sheila VonHolten    300


School Board

(Two seats)

Barbara Badley    4

Mickie Mahan    1

Tracy Danner    9

Max Struewing    1

Roy Johns Jr.    2

(One-year term)

Beth Nickolaisen    4

John Littlefield    6


City Council

2nd Ward

Lisa Daugherty    78

Fred Frerer    63


City Council


Jeffery Littrell    84

Russell Olds    152

Board of Aldermen

1st Ward

Jeff D. Culbertson    18

Don Johnson   52

Sheila Saba-Foster  38

2nd Ward

Joyce E. Carey    73

Randy Haycook    38


School Board

(Two seats)

Princess Kentner    4

Travis Moore    12

Anisha Dunlap    3

Les Brazeal    7

Brad Beerly    20

(Two-year term)

Ryan Seela   19

Bryce Robertson    8

(School tallies reflect those from only the Jasper County portion of the district; additional territory in Barton County.)


City Council

(Two general seats)

Ryan Jackson    1,920

Jim West    2,081

Bill Scearce    2,356

Morris Glaze    1,884

Shaun Steele    1,149

(Zone 2 seat)

Harvey Hutchinson    2,091

Melodee Colbert-Kean    2,973

School District

$62 million bond issue

Yes    3,656

No     2,884

(City and school tallies represent only those from the Jasper County portion of both; additional territory in Newton County.)


Board of Aldermen

(Two seats)

Earl Lewis    0

Gary Miller    2

Bree Thuma    0


Board of Aldermen

(Two at-large seats)

Darrell D. Wilson    1

Fred Doty    2

Kathy Perry    1



L. Don Triplett   123

Tom Walters    70

Carlton Meyer    25

Sales tax

1/2-cent tax for transportation

Yes    144

No    53


School board

(Two seats)

Paul Palmer    197

Kevin Guinn    233

Larry Triplett    100


City Council

1st Ward

Ray Edwards    24

Gene Long    12

3rd Ward

Krista Stark    49

Jerry Fisher    103

Shane Glidewell Sr.    6


Board of Directors

(Two seats)

Norman Jantz    27

Josh Craig    24

Travis Shafer    22


District No. 2,

Subdistrict No. 4

Board of Directors

Donald Ness    55

Joe Sullenger    75

District No. 2,

Subdistrict No. 5

Board of Directors

Jeff Wilson    84

Howard Darnell    50


The following candidates are unopposed and virtually assured of election.

Airport Drive — Aldermen: Franklin Stine, James Paul, Paul Surgi.

Alba — Mayor: Nancy Lucas. Aldermen: Travis Shafer.

Asbury — Mayor: Ben R. Brown; Collector: Ruth Wilson; Aldermen: Rodney Brewer and James Farinacci.

Carterville — Aldermen: 1st Ward, Clyde  L. Ward; 2nd Ward, Calvin Divine; 4th Ward, Tom Asbell.

Carytown — Trustees: Fred Fosdick, Patricia Bowman and Ronald Moore.

Duenweg — Aldermen: 1st Ward, Jane Ballard.

Duquesne — Aldermen: 1st Ward, Dale  Daniels.

Fidelity — Trustees: Mick Shank, Danny Muench, Lois McMillen and Teri Neil.

Jasper — City Council: West Ward, Russell Selvey; East Ward, Frank Shumard.

Neck City — Mayor: Patrick Gooch.

Purcell — Mayor: Rufus L. Snow; Collector: Marthalee Sapp.

Oronogo — Mayor: Robert R. Pearish; Aldermen: Ryan Bennett, Alvin Lucas, Larry Lacey and April A. Tarrant.

Sarcoxie — Aldermen: 2nd Ward, Greg Seedorf.

WEBB CITY — City Council: 2nd Ward, Don Darby; 4th Ward, Gene Mense.