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March 21, 2014

Reports cite campaign contributions

A local community action committee has contributed $14,000 to campaigns for two Joplin City Council candidates and four Joplin School Board candidates.

Campaign finance reports were required to be filed 40 days before the spring election with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The Joplin Progress Committee, a local political action committee, contributed $5,000 to City Council incumbent Mike Seibert, as well as a contribution of the same amount to candidate Ryan Stanley.

Four school board candidates — Jeff Flowers, Randy Steele, Lynda Banwart and Shawn McGrew — each received a $1,000 contribution.

The report also lists contributors to the PAC. As of Feb. 24, the largest contribution had been made by Commerce Bancshares Inc. PAC at $1,000. Other contribution amounts range from $10 to $500.

The type of office a candidate is running for, the amount of money accepted and the amount of money spent or incurred determines a candidate’s level of reporting, and whether he or she must form and register a campaign finance committee.

If total activity is $1,000 or less and no single contributor gave more than $325, there is no filing requirement, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

If a candidate exceeds the $1,000 threshold, a statement of committee organization must be submitted, plus subsequent campaign finance disclosure reports as required.

Committees are required to file a campaign finance report 40 days before election if any contributions or expenditures were made before Feb. 22, or if a committee was formed before Feb. 22.

Council incumbent Gary Shaw is unopposed for re-election and did not file a report. No reports had been filed for four of the eight school board candidates: Jeffry Koch, David Guilford, Debbie Fort and Shane Reed.


Mike Seibert: A committee for Councilman Mike Seibert has raised $7,000, including the $5,000 contribution from the Joplin Progress Committee and a $2,000 contribution from Henry Robertson, of Joplin. The expenditures totaled $1,392.81, including $585 for graphics, $659.35 for yard signs, $132.34 for business cards and $16.12 for a check printing charge.

Jim West: A committee for council candidate Jim West has raised $3,674 in contributions.

Those who donated $500 are: Hish Majzoub, of Joplin; Newton Sharp, of Joplin; and Plumbers and Pipefitters Local No. 178 in Springfield.

The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters contributed $499.

Contributions of $250 were made by Rathwakara Avileli, of Joplin, and IBEW Local No. 95 in Joplin.

Those who contributed $200 are: Plumbers and Pipefitters Local No. 562 in St. Louis; Carpenters District Council of Greater Saint Louis and Vicinity; and Laborers Local No. 319 in Joplin.

The amount of expenditures totaled $1,924.18. Larger expenditures are $629.53 to Stevenson Business Products, a $128 radio advertisement with AMI Radio Group, a $213.75 Sunday advertisement in The Joplin Globe, and four payments to West totaling at $597.16 for phone minutes, fuel to meetings with donors, and meals.

Miranda Lewis: A committee for council candidate Miranda Lewis has raised $9,975 in contributions. James Boyle, of Carl Junction, and Henry Robertson, of Joplin, both contributed $1,000.

Those who have contributed $500 are: Sallie Beard, of Joplin; W.C. Dandridge, of Fayetteville, Ark.; Michael Wiggins, of Webb City; Roper Buick, GMC; and Robert Higgins, of Joplin.

James Riscoe, of Joplin, contributed $300.

Contributions of $250 were made by: Gary Pulsipher, of Joplin; Doris Carlin Team Inc., of Joplin; Sarah McConnell, of Joplin; William Jackson, of Joplin; Tom Franz, of Webb City; and Cynthia Schwab, of Joplin.

Those who donated $200 are: Virginia Laas, of Joplin; Maryann Mitts, of Joplin; Mitch Stinnett, of Joplin; Stephen Doerr, of Joplin; James Hoff, of Joplin; and Harold Cooper, of Joplin.

Tobias Teeter, of Carl Junction, contributed $150.

Only $55.37 had been spent as of Feb. 24, when the report was submitted.

Harvey Hutchinson: A committee for council candidate Harvey Hutchinson raised $2,450 in contributions. A $500 contribution from Roper Buick, GMC is the largest amount listed.

Nine contributions by Harvey and Mimi Hutchinson total $3,925.

Contributions of $200 were made by Edward McAllister, of Joplin; Richard Cooper, of Joplin; and Barb Majzoub, of Joplin.

More than $1,600 was spent, including payments for website development, office supplies, events and training.

Jack Golden: A committee for council incumbent Jack Golden raised $870, plus two $1,000 loans listed from his wife, Zora Golden. A $250 contribution was made by Calvin Banard, of Joplin, and a $150 donation was made by Steven Giles, of Joplin. The remaining $470 was made in contributions of $100 or less.

No expenditures had yet been made.

Ryan Stanley: Roger Wrestler, a Joplin certified public accountant serving as Stanley’s treasurer, said no 40-day report was filed on the candidate’s behalf because there was no activity during the reporting period. Stanley did receive $5,000 from the Joplin Progress Committee, but it came in after the reporting closed and will show up on the next report, he said.

Trisha Raney: No report for council incumbent Trisha Raney was on file as of Friday with either the Missouri Ethics Commission or the Jasper County clerk’s office. Raney, reached by phone Friday, referred the Globe to her campaign treasurer, William Kean. He said a report had been filed with the state commission. A spokeswoman with the MEC said the report must have been sent to the wrong location. Kean said he would make a copy of the report available today.

Mike Woolston: Incumbent Mike Woolston was not required to file a 40-day report because his committee was not formed until after the Feb. 22 closing date.

However, the Missouri Ethics Commission requires contributions of more than $5,000 received from any single contributor be reported within 48 hours.

An in-kind contribution of $10,000 was provided by the Missouri Association of Realtors PAC to Woolston on March 14.


Shawn McGrew: Candidate Shawn McGrew received a $1,000 contribution from the Joplin Progress Committee. The only other contribution received was $50 from Nathan McGrew, of Joplin. No expenditures were listed.

Randy Steele: Incumbent Randy Steele has raised $1,525. The Joplin Progress Committee contributed $1,000; Tom and Jeany Franz, of Webb City, contributed $200; and $325 in contributions of $100 or less.

Expenditures listed include $30 for office supplies and $18.40 for postage.

Jeff Flowers: Incumbent Jeff Flowers raised $2,240 in contributions. The Joplin Progress Committee contributed $1,000; Judy Priddy, of Joplin, contributed $200; and $1,040 was contributed from people giving $100 or less. No expenditures were listed.

Lynda Banwart: Candidate Lynda Banwart received a $1,000 contribution from the Joplin Progress Committee, and no other contributions or expenditures were listed on the 40-day report.

On March 11, a monetary contribution of $13,400 was given by J. Christopher Banwart.

Committees will be required to submit another report by March 31.

Staff writer Susan Redden contributed to this report.


The following made $100 contributions to the Jim West committee:

Jeffrey and Patricia Majzoub, Joplin.

Hackett Hot Wings, Joplin.

Committee to Elect Mark Omara, Florissant.

Rufus Kelly, Springfield.

R. Deryl Edwards, Joplin.

The following made $100 contributions to the Harvey Hutchinson committee:

William White, Joplin.

Sharrock Dermott, Joplin.

Joe and Anne Turney, Joplin.

Maridan Kassab, Joplin.


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