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January 6, 2013

Rezoning sought for projects along Main, 20th streets

Plaza center, insurance office proposed

JOPLIN, Mo. — Another new project that would further change the face of South Main Street in Joplin is up for a public hearing tonight before the City Council.

Contractor Charles Kuehn has asked that zoning in the 3000 block of South Main Street be changed to a planned commercial district.

The block currently has a mix of lots zoned residential and commercial, but Kuehn seeks to build an office and retail plaza that would occupy the entire block. The city’s planning department notes that the project would conform to the city’s new design requirements in the comprehensive plan for South Main Street properties.

Kuehn proposes to build a center of nearly 20,000 square feet in two plazas, one facing Main Street and one facing Virginia Avenue. The exterior of the building would be covered in brick and stucco. According to the zoning application, the block would be heavily landscaped, and a 31-foot bed of landscaping would be installed to provide a buffer along residential properties across the street on Virginia Avenue. All of those plans meet the design guidelines for South Main Street, according to planning department documents.

No opposition to the project was voiced at a hearing on the request before the Planning and Zoning Commission, which recommended that the council approve the plan.

Rezoning also is sought for two lots at 20th Street and Carolyn Place that were residential before the houses were destroyed by the 2011 tornado.

Insurance agent Loretta Bailey is asking for commercial zoning to build an insurance office at the location. The 4,300-square-foot building would have space for two tenants, and the lot would accommodate 14 parking spaces under the plan.

No opposition to the proposal was expressed at a hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission, which recommended approval.

Changes to the city’s comprehensive plan since the tornado call for more of 20th Street to be converted from residential to commercial property.

Requests will be made to change zoning at the northeast and northwest corners of 32nd Street and Sabra Avenue. Ryan Flanagan is seeking the zoning change from residential to commercial for the construction of medical and dental offices.

A 6,800-square-foot building with 36 parking spaces is proposed at the northeast corner. The site plan calls for a buffer zone with 31 feet of landscaping to screen the building from residences to the north, along with a water retention system to catch surface water so that a runoff problem is not created.

The proposal for the northwest corner is the construction of a 4,200-square-foot building with 21 parking spaces.

No opposition was voiced at an earlier Planning and Zoning Commission hearing, and the requests were forwarded to the council with a recommendation for approval.

Public hearings

THE PUBLIC HEARINGS on the zoning requests will be conducted during the City Council meeting at 6 p.m. today on the fifth floor of City Hall, 602 S. Main St.

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