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March 8, 2013

Missouri Region 6 History Day competition results

JOPLIN, Mo. — The following is a list of winners at Friday’s Missouri Region 6 History Day competition held at Missouri Southern State University. The junior division was open to students in sixth through eighth grades; the senior division was open to students in ninth through 12th grades.

Junior Paper

First place: Zoe Brown, Joplin South Middle School, “A Turning Point: Isaac Newton on Physics, Astronomy and Optics”; second place: Alexandra Hannaford, Mount Vernon Middle School, “Changing Lives: The Past, Present and Future of Diabetes Care”; third place: Ariana Rivera, Carthage Junior High School, “A Turning Point in the United States Economy: The Federal Reserve Act and the Creation of the Federal Reserve”

Junior Individual Exhibit

First place: Gracie Heckart, Seneca School District, “A Wrong Has Been Made with a Right with Elizabeth Cady Stanton”; second place: Farhath Sulthana, Joplin North Middle School, “Muhammad: A Ray of Hope in an ‘Age of Darkness’”; third place: Tyler Gray, Joplin South Middle School, “War Road the Rails: Turning Point in Warfare and America.”

Junior Group Exhibit

First place: Allison Barker, Shannon Haynes and Emma Prewitt, Mount Vernon Middle School, “Titanic: Turning a Tragic Disaster into a Catalyst for Change”; second place: Jordan Adams and Spencer Jones, Mount Vernon Middle School, “The Manhattan Project: Beginning with the End”; third place: Jacob Holliday, Drake Weston and Austin White, Joplin South Middle School, “The Luger: The Handgun that Changed Weapons Forever.”

Junior Individual Performance

First place: Camryn Potts, Joplin South Middle School, “Breaking Ballet: The Creation of Contemporary Dance”; second place: Emma Dillon, Joplin North Middle School, “Louder Than Words: The Photography of Lewis Hine and the Turning Point in the Regulation of Child Labor”; third place: Jessica Stout, Joplin South Middle School, “The New York Newsboys: A Turning Point in Working Children’s Lives.”

Junior Group Performance

First place: Jewell Hicks and Kendall Vowels, Joplin South Middle School, “The 1871 Hayden Expedition: A Turning Point in America’s View of the Yellowstone Area”; second place: Jenteal Engberg and Payton Ledford, Joplin South Middle School, “Martin Luther King Jr.: Turning Around the Segregation of America.”

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