The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO

March 8, 2013

Missouri Region 6 History Day competition results

From staff reports

JOPLIN, Mo. — The following is a list of winners at Friday’s Missouri Region 6 History Day competition held at Missouri Southern State University. The junior division was open to students in sixth through eighth grades; the senior division was open to students in ninth through 12th grades.

Junior Paper

First place: Zoe Brown, Joplin South Middle School, “A Turning Point: Isaac Newton on Physics, Astronomy and Optics”; second place: Alexandra Hannaford, Mount Vernon Middle School, “Changing Lives: The Past, Present and Future of Diabetes Care”; third place: Ariana Rivera, Carthage Junior High School, “A Turning Point in the United States Economy: The Federal Reserve Act and the Creation of the Federal Reserve”

Junior Individual Exhibit

First place: Gracie Heckart, Seneca School District, “A Wrong Has Been Made with a Right with Elizabeth Cady Stanton”; second place: Farhath Sulthana, Joplin North Middle School, “Muhammad: A Ray of Hope in an ‘Age of Darkness’”; third place: Tyler Gray, Joplin South Middle School, “War Road the Rails: Turning Point in Warfare and America.”

Junior Group Exhibit

First place: Allison Barker, Shannon Haynes and Emma Prewitt, Mount Vernon Middle School, “Titanic: Turning a Tragic Disaster into a Catalyst for Change”; second place: Jordan Adams and Spencer Jones, Mount Vernon Middle School, “The Manhattan Project: Beginning with the End”; third place: Jacob Holliday, Drake Weston and Austin White, Joplin South Middle School, “The Luger: The Handgun that Changed Weapons Forever.”

Junior Individual Performance

First place: Camryn Potts, Joplin South Middle School, “Breaking Ballet: The Creation of Contemporary Dance”; second place: Emma Dillon, Joplin North Middle School, “Louder Than Words: The Photography of Lewis Hine and the Turning Point in the Regulation of Child Labor”; third place: Jessica Stout, Joplin South Middle School, “The New York Newsboys: A Turning Point in Working Children’s Lives.”

Junior Group Performance

First place: Jewell Hicks and Kendall Vowels, Joplin South Middle School, “The 1871 Hayden Expedition: A Turning Point in America’s View of the Yellowstone Area”; second place: Jenteal Engberg and Payton Ledford, Joplin South Middle School, “Martin Luther King Jr.: Turning Around the Segregation of America.”

Junior Individual Documentary

First place: Riley Henson, Neosho Middle School, “Little Rock Nine: Desegregation of a Nation”; second place: Keaton Campbell, Joplin South Middle School, “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: A Turning Point”; third place: Nathan Miller, Joplin South Middle School, “Nuclear Power: A Turning Point in Submarine Propulsion.”

Junior Group Documentary

First place: Anna Graves and Katherine Sticklen, Joplin South Middle School, “Title IX: A Turning Point in Women Athletics”; second place: Madeline Bhend and Savannah Huff, Joplin South Middle School, “Civilian Conservation Corps: A Turning Point in the Great Depression”; third place: Avery Oehlschlager and Christopher Pryor, Joplin South Middle School, “The Industrial Revolution in England: Social and Economic Change.”

Junior Individual Website

First place: Maggie Wampler, Joplin South Middle School, “Rosie the Riveter: A Turning Point in Women’s History”; second place: Bretton Cole, Neosho Middle School, “Berlin Wall Crisis”; third place: Sarah Peterson, Joplin East Middle School, “The Fall of the Invincible Armada and the Rise of England as a World Power.”

Junior Group Website

First place: Daulton Barnhart and Blake Coulter, Joplin South Middle School, “The Repeating Rifle: Turning Point on the Battlefield”; second place: Madisen Goeller and Kinsley Stewart, Joplin South Middle School, “Penicillin: Major Medical and Wartime Wonder”; third place: Samuel Griesemer and Jacob Higgins, Joplin South Middle School, “Doppler Radar: A Turning Point in Weather Prediction.”

Senior Paper

First place: William Henness, Joplin High School, “Edwin Hubble: From Sports Star to Astronomer Extraordinaire”; second place: Abby Burken, Carthage High School, “1956: Turning Point for Interstate Transportation and Economic Growth”; third place: Reid Brown, Joplin High School, “The Potsdam Conference: The First Step in the Cold War.”

Senior Individual Exhibit

First place: Hannah Jones, Neosho Christian School, “Influenza”; second place: Alec Fehring, Neosho Christian School, “The Marshall Plan”; third place: Austin Couey, Wheaton R-3 schools, “Battle of Britain: The Turning Tides.”

Senior Group Exhibit

First place: Rowan Hine and Amanda Wecker, Sarcoxie School District, “One Hundred Days and Nights: The Rwandan Genocide”; second place: Kelsey Frost and Cherith Parnell, Carthage High School, “James Meredith: Paving the Way for College Integration”; third place: Clarissa Byers and Tasha Dame, Sarcoxie High School, “Walt Disney: A Turning Point in Entertainment.”

Senior Individual Performance

First place: Hli Yang, Wheaton R-3 schools, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Fannie Lou Hamer and a Turning Point in the Civil Rights Movement”; second place: Robert Yang, Wheaton High School, “Robert Gould Shaw: Integrating for Freedom with the 54th Massachusetts Infantry.”

Senior Group Performance

First place: Chase Cantwell, Matt Hickman, Chris Yang and Yia Yang, Wheaton High School, “Washington’s Crossing: Turning Point of the American Revolutionary War”; second place: Linna Lee, Suzie Lee, Skyler Lewis and Andrew Yang, Wheaton High, “A Turning Point in World History: Henry Ford and his Automobile”; third place: Destinee Greathouse, Baylee Laveroni and Rebecca Robinson, Sarcoxie, “‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’: The Book that Inflamed a Nation.”

Senior Group Documentary

First place: Tess Harmon, Suma Ancha, Holly Hughes and Veronica Wynhausen, Joplin High School, “Mauve: A Chemical Revolution.”

Senior Individual Website

First place: Taylor Vaughn, Carthage High School, “Deadly Turning Point: The Fire that Led to Industrial Safety”; second place: Nikki Bramwell, Sarcoxie, “Title IX: The Evolution of Equal Sports”; third place: Molly Shannon, Carthage High School, “The Wolf-Whistle Lynching of Emmett Till.”

Senior Group Website

First place: Jesse Comeau, Noah Paden and Tyler Talley, Carthage High School, “Spain Sinks the Maine?”; second place: Matt Goolsby, Treyton Moore and Robert Peppers, Carthage High School, “The Fall of the Wall: Shattering the Soviet Union”; third place: Timothy Arr and Taylor Lambeth, Sarcoxie High School, “Truman’s Point Four: The Economic Fight Against Communism.”