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July 3, 2013

UPDATED: Egypt leader’s office calls military measures coup

Joplin doctor tuned to events in Egypt

By Roger McKinney
From staff, AP reports

JOPLIN, Mo. — Updated: Egypt leader’s office calls military measures coup

A statement on the Egyptian president’s office’s Twitter account has quoted Mohammed Morsi as calling military measures “a full coup.”

The denouncement was posted shortly after the Egyptian military announced it was ousting Morsi, who was Egypt’s first freely elected leader but drew ire with his Islamist leanings. The military says it has replaced him with the chief justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court, called for early presidential election and suspended the Islamist-backed constitution.

Morsi was quoted as saying those measures “represent a full coup categorically rejected by all the free men of our nation.”

Egypt’s military has ousted the nation’s Islamist president, replacing him with the chief justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court, calling for early presidential election and suspending the Islamist-backed constitution.

Army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday, said a government of technocrats will be appointed to run the country during a transition period he did not specify.

An aide of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, Ayman Ali, said the former leader has been moved to an undisclosed location. He gave no details.

Cheers erupted among millions of protesters nationwide who were demanding Morsi’s ouster. Fireworks lit the Cairo night sky. Morsi supporters elsewhere in the city shouted “No to military rule.”


Updated: Egypt army suspends constitution, calls early vote

Egypt’s military has suspended the Islamist-backed constitution and called early elections.

The military also announced that embattled President Mohammed Morsi will be replaced.

Cheers erupted among millions of protesters nationwide who were demanding Morsi’s ouster.

Updated: Troops deploy near protests, facilities in Egypt

Army troops backed by armor and including commandos have deployed across much of the Egyptian capital, surrounding protests by the president’s supporters, and at key facilities and major intersections.

Associated Press reporters in various part of Cairo say the troops, backed by armored personnel carriers and in full combat gear, have deployed on strategic bridges and near protest sites by supporters of embattled President Mohammed Morsi.

The deployment is part of a move by the military to tighten its control of key institutions Wednesday, slapping a travel ban on Morsi and top allies in preparation for an almost certain push to remove the Islamist president with the expiration of an afternoon deadline.


A Joplin doctor from Egypt was closely watching events in his homeland this morning.

Yasser Mokhtar said when Mohammed Morsi was elected president a year ago, he and fellow Egyptians had hoped things would be much different by now.

“We all had high hopes,” Mokhtar said.

Egypt’s military had tightened its control on key institutions, possibly in preparation to remove him after its deadline expired this morning. Huge crowds protesting Morsi’s rule have filled the streets. Mokhtar said he thinks Morsi’s removal is inevitable.

“I don’t think the military has any choice at this point,” Mokhtar said, adding that the alternative is bloodshed.