Globe/Joe Hadsall Jasmine Simpson, 11, lets a blob of “fake snot” pile up in her hand Thursday during a chemistry lesson at Joplin’s Fifth-Grade Academy at Memorial Middle School. The stuff is actually a polymer made from white glue, water and sodium borate.

By Joe Hadsall

Fake snot.



Whatever the name, it’s sticky, stretchy, messy and slimy.

Children love it, of course.

Pupils in Joplin’s Fifth-Grade Academy at Memorial Middle School made the stuff during a chemistry lesson Thursday.

“I had no idea you could make this from glue,” said Kevin Willet, 12. “It’s like a bouncy ball.”

“It’s cooler than a bouncy ball,” said Emily Merritt, 12. “You can stretch it apart and change its form.”

The sticky stuff is a polymer made from white glue, water and sodium borate — all household items. The ingredients mix to form a “polyvinyl acetate chain,” but “polyvinyl acetate chain” doesn’t appeal to youngsters like “fake snot” does.

“We’ve called it snot and Flubber, from the old kids movie,” teacher Kim Gilmore said. “It’s a lot more fun for kids to make fake snot.”

Gilmore instructed the pupils in mixing the fake snot using two containers and chemicals. She also taught them how to color it.

Jasmine Simpson, 11, said she was excited to find out how easy it is to make.

“I want to make this stuff at home,” Jasmine said. “I can play with it there.”

Cameron Gourley, 10, found out how sticky it was. He stretched his fake snot around his neck like a necklace. The goo stuck to his shirt and wouldn’t come out.

“I found out the hard way, I guess,” Cameron said.

Sticky recipe

Fake snot can be made with household objects. You need:

n 70 milliliters of warm water.

n 50 milliliters of white glue.

n 50 milliliters of 5 percent borax solution (2.5 milliliters of borax; 47.5 milliliters of water).

n Two drinking glasses.

n A stirrer.

Mix the glue and warm water in one of the glasses. Make the borax solution in the second glass. When both are dissolved and blended, mix them together and stir.

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