Joplin’s pandemic case numbers continue to decrease.

The Joplin Health Department director, Ryan Talken, said key indicators for local COVID-19 cases are trending down.

Joplin had 50 new cases last week, down 18% from the previous week, according to the Missouri COVID-19 dashboard provided by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Total cases as of Monday were listed at 54.

“Last time I reported, we were averaging 15 per day,” Talken said at a Joplin City Council meeting Monday night.

The number of those hospitalized also are following the trend with 43 inpatients Monday compared with 55 when he reported Sept. 7. On Tuesday, the dashboard showed that number had dropped to 39. Talken said the numbers are in constant flux because of people being admitted and dismissed each day.

Talken said the local numbers are not reflective of what’s going on elsewhere in Missouri.

“As of Friday, the statewide numbers are showing an 8% increase in cases. Our numbers are trending down, but statewide coming up,” Talken said.

Vaccination rates continue to inch up, with Joplin around the 50% mark, he said.

The Jasper County Health Department had 117 new cases last week, the dashboard reports, bringing total active cases to 167 as of Monday. That number reflects 67 new cases that were reported Monday and includes cases that occurred over the weekend. Daily rates last week were lower. The positivity rate for the week was about 12%. Cases were down 12.7% from the previous week.

The Newton County Health Department had 51 new cases last week, up 24% from the previous week.

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