By Scott Meeker

Globe Features Editor

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. - Once upon a time, in the not-so-far-off kingdom of Carl Junction, there lived two women.

Having recently relocated to the area from the a-bit-farther-off kingdom of St. Joseph, they brought with them an idea.

It was an idea for a business that would help them take a load off of pet owners throughout the Four-State Area.

And thus, the Princess of Poo was born.

The two armed themselves with the armaments they would need to slay the forces of poo - scoopers, bags, buckets and gloves.

They created a Web site ( and printed fliers to put up around the area.

But the Princess faced one major obstacle in the quest, however.

While the presence of the dreaded poo was undeniable throughout the kingdom, they did not have any lords or ladies recruiting them to do the dirty work.

All the Princess could do was wait ...

"We're still doing the initial work of building our customer base," said Julie Lowe, co-owner of Princess of Poo.

"We're tying to get a few customers so we can do some more advertising."

It's a unique concept that has yet to take off, but Lowe and Danielle Kenyon hope that they've stepped into something good.

Their business is your pet's business.

And while the business is planned to be just a side job for both women, Lowe said they would be open to it becoming a larger duty.

Lowe said that Kenyon came up with the idea after working in the animal control field in St. Joseph.

"It came from her experience in that field," Lowe said. "They would go to people's houses for investigations and see the condition of their yard."

Lowe demonstrates how the process will work, donning a pair of yellow gloves and grabbing her gear - a pink bucket lined with a plastic bag and a scooper.

"There's different models (of scoopers)," she said. "This is just the basic one."

In the yard outside her home, Lowe walks through the steps of how Princess of Poo will operate (courtesy of two of their dogs). The scoop is used to pick up the deposit and it's dropped into the bag.

The bag is then secured to be dumped in a proper receptacle.

"What we take from one person's yard isn't mixed with another," she said. "At the end of the day, we'd go to the dump."

She said that all of their equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after each job.

Who would need such a service?

The Princess of Poo fliers make an appeal to those who might be "too pooped to scoop," promising to "find, scoop and dispose of your pet's waste."

Lowe said that Kenyon calls their service "the final step in lawn care."

"That's Danielle's line," she said. "It's for people who don't have the time or don't want to be bothered by it."

The rates for a visit by Princess of Poo start at $10 a week. That price is based on scooping for one dog, once a week, Lowe said.

The rate price is also based on a yard that is one acre in size. The Princess of Poo offers free estimates.

She said they can also provide commercial services. Rates would depend on how many kennels there are and how many times a week a visit from the Princess of Poo would be needed.

Lowe said Princess of Poo will offer several different discount programs. Special rates will be provided to senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, people with seeing-eye dogs and police officers working with a K-9 animal.

Lowe said the Princess of Poo does not discriminate on the basis of animal species.

"Dogs, cats, we're open to anything," she said.

For more information, visit the Princess of Poo Web site or call (417) 483-9066.

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