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Hunter’s actions still concern public

“Maybe the new administrator, Ms Casaveccia will see that there are too many ‘wards of the court’ under Ms. Hunter and let some of them go back to living their lives. It is unfortunate that Ms. Hunter saw fit to contact her ‘wards’ to let them know there may be problems. Is that a ‘normal’ procedure? If they were unable to make decisions for themselves that would cause undue stress and upset them — if they could even understand it in the first place? My, my ... I wish you a smooth transition, Ms. Casaveccia.”

— Concerned

‘What goes around’

“An audit of this office is long overdue! This is the only fair way for our new public administrator to begin her job. And only fair to Rita, so that all she has done can be exposed, whether good or bad. What goes around comes around ... Rita.”

— annomyous

“Congratulations, Angie, I applaud your desire to meet each ward and assess their needs personally and individually. I feel Ms. Hunter did not see ‘faces.’ She only saw profits for the county and her career.”

— annomyous

“I want to congratulate Angie again on winning by a landslide. You have the experience and the training needed for this position. I have been legal guardian of two of my nephews, both with mental issues. One as a minor and one as an adult. I would NEVER consider this enough experience to take charge of an entire county of dependent people. Even with the college psychology classes I have had.”

— Thank YOU Angie

“Thank you to the Globe, Susan Redden, and of course Emma France and Delores Forste for all they have done and endured. Welcome Angie to your new office, the people you are serving are so deserving of your caring and experience. We trust you Angie, and wish you the very best. Rita, there are many of us who hope that justice is done and that you get ALL that you deserve.”

— Citizen

‘Thank you Rita’

“Rita, thank you for being willing to rescue our family member just days after taking office. Your insight into the difficult situation was appreciated. Everytime we talked you were knowledgeable about what was going on. You and your staff are to be commended for keeping her safe. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”

— Grateful

“Stay classy, Rita.”

— Kay

“Ms. Hunter should be the ‘poster child’ for why people don’t trust elected officials. Her actions only confirm why her staff could not be retained. The taxpayers demanded a housecleaning in the Public Administrator’s office. It sounds like we elected a good listener.”

— outsider

“Rita Hunter was a failure, and whatever trouble that may ensue from the transition won’t compare to the pain she caused while in office. Good riddance.”

— Trevor

“And the Globe continues its assault of Rita Hunter. If you’re going to say someone said something like there are ‘500 wards in our care’ AND it’s disputed, you should quote when they said it. Garbage like this is what makes the Globe lose credibility, you already got her ousted from her job, she’s no longer a public figure and I hope your continued pursuit in the defamation of her character ends with you in a lawsuit.”

— Walter Lincoln

“Walter Lincoln ... AKA Rita Hunter.”

— anonymous

“Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead. Sooooooooo long Rita!”

— shawna

Dave Woods is new media editor for The Joplin Globe.

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