COVID-19 has upended the world and the economy, with massive changes to retail, which means the holiday shopping season is likely to look very different in 2020. However, the National Retail Federation estimates consumers will still spend an average of nearly $1,000 this year on gifts, decor…

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Over the years, my columns have discussed change, innovation, the news media, community revitalization, tourism and transformation. As you have come to realize, I love using quotes from some of the historical greats. This column is devoted to some of those quotes and how they relate to the t…

Dear Dave: My wife and I have two kids and one on the way. We’re debt-free except for our home, and we have our emergency fund in place. We’ve also been saving for retirement, with me putting 15% into a 401(k) and her putting 10% into her retirement account. On top of all this, we’re putting…

There is plenty to like about the new Lincoln Nautilus aside from its name change. The former MKX is now old hat, and for 2020, its Select trim has also vanished, leaving Standard, Reserve and Black Label, the latter two presumably likened to fine blended scotch.

Dear Dave: I just saved up my $1,000 beginner emergency fund, and I’m looking at paying off my car and credit card debt — a total of $3,400 — by the end of January. Before I started your plan, I took out a $7,500 student loan to pay for my fall and spring semesters. I still have a year of sc…

With millions of people laid off or furloughed because of COVID-19, competition for seasonal employment this holiday season will be fierce. Shipping companies and online retailers such as Amazon have seen their business boom as the pandemic has driven online shopping through the roof, and it…

NEOSHO — On Saturday, the Neosho Farmers Market hosted its third annual Handmade Holiday Market. The weather was sunny and warm for the event that featured 46 vendors offering handcrafted wares, food and beverages to attract Christmas shoppers.

Building a successful town or community doesn't happen by accident. It takes effort coupled with effective strategies employed by the community to determine success. Each community will have a different recipe for success, but like the best dishes contain many of the same basic ingredients s…

Following a full makeover last year, the midsize Nissan Altima adds some finishing touches on its new sedan. First up, it’s an attractive car earning stablemate status with Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, and its available engine technology scores a resiliency few others can claim.

Dear Dave: I recently received my master’s degree in finance, and for the past four years, I’ve had a job as a social worker. I love my job and have a decent income, but I know I could make more money and come closer to reaching my full potential in the finance industry.

Perhaps the biggest advantage the Volkswagen Jetta holds in the market is the lack of meaningful competition. Aside from the Subaru WRX, the German automaker is in the catbird seat, and for good reason.

Dear Dave: I’ve been trying to get my sister and her husband on your plan, but they’re hesitant to try living on a budget. They make good money, and both of them think doing a budget every month would be too difficult and take too much time. Do you have any suggestions I could pass along tha…

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Unemployment fell for the Joplin metro area for the fifth month in a row, hitting 4.2% in September, according to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

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On the north wall of Covert Electric Supply, 202 N. Main St., two artists have been using a lift for several days to paint a mural welcoming people to one entrance of the Joplin Arts District.

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Joplin residents will learn the outcome of a recent public survey taken on the future of Ewert Park and pool as well as concepts for revamping them at a public meeting Tuesday.

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While the proponents of a lease for Joplin's baseball fields and stadiums say they intend to work with other organizations that book athletic events, the Joplin Sports Authority wants the Joplin City Council to put the deal on hold.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A federal judge sentenced a former Aurora business owner to eight years in prison Friday in connection with the defrauding of client companies, a Missouri bank, a Native American tribe and other victims in schemes potentially involving more than $30 million.

As auto manufacturers wrestle with how much pure electric technology consumers want, several cars have emerged beyond Tesla that will move you along several hundred miles before needing a charge.

Dear Dave: I decided a couple of years ago to start following your plan. Part of getting out of debt for me included paying off my car. I’m taking your advice and saving up to pay cash for my next vehicle. I know you like mutual funds, so should I put the money I’m setting aside for that pur…

Community leadership should encourage local residents to hop on the hyperlocal bandwagon when shopping. Oftentimes, communities overlook the largest inexcusable local item in their spending bucket. How businesses and governments spend local dollars — inside or outside the community — is crit…

Th niche Compass from Jeep appeals to the mild off-road enthusiast who has a need for more space than the subcompact Renegade offers and for less coin than step-up Cherokee models. But there are some drawbacks to the Compass that may have you looking elsewhere.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time for consumers and businesses to look at their online security measures. Promoted by the U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, the month is designed to raise the awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.

If your family needs require seating for up to eight in a good-sized SUV that is greener than most, Toyota has a new Highlander hybrid that has your name on it. Looking larger than its midsize designation, there is also a new four-cylinder engine replacing an outgoing six-banger.

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