CARTHAGE, Mo. — A police investigation has found that the two guns discovered Monday night near Carthage High School’s South Tech Center were discarded by a person who was driving by campus several days earlier.

Chad Dininger, police community relations officer, said security camera video footage shows that the guns had been thrown from a vehicle and landed on school property. He said Wednesday that the incident is unrelated to Carthage schools or any of its students. It’s also suspected that the guns were stolen from other jurisdictions, Dininger said.

A school staff member spotted one of the firearms on campus and contacted authorities between 5:30 and 6 p.m. Monday. While law enforcement was searching for the first weapon, a second firearm was discovered.

Mark Baker, school superintendent, posted on the Carthage School District Facebook page on Wednesday that district administrators and information technology personnel viewed hours of security footage in order to assist law enforcement.

Police believe they may have a suspect but were not ready to release any further details Wednesday.

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