A 47-year-old man was taken into custody Tuesday after alleged statements he made during a telephone call led to evacuation of the Veterans Affairs clinic in Joplin while police conducted a search of the building for a bomb.

Police Capt. Nick Jimenez said a male caller subsequently identified as a disgruntled patient of the clinic at 3015 S. Connecticut Ave. purportedly made vague threats during a phone call to the clinic Tuesday afternoon. Jimenez said that, among other statements made by the caller, he allegedly stated that the clinic "needed to blow up."

Police were called about the threats and decided to have everyone leave the building while officers searched the premises for anything suspicious. Jimenez said officers cleared the building, and clinic staff members were allowed back in.

A Carthage man was taken into custody a short time later on suspicion of making a terrorist threat. Jasper County Circuit Court records did not show any felony count filed on the suspect by late Wednesday afternoon.

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