Grants amounting to more than $195,000 will be made to Jasper County law enforcement agencies from the quarter-cent law enforcement sales tax after approval was given Tuesday by the county commission.

An appointed panel, the Law Enforcement Sales Tax Committee, administers the grants after applications are submitted to the Jasper County Sheriff's Department.

The sales tax panel chairman, Randy Evans, retired president of US Bank in Joplin, told county commissioners that applications for about $255,684 in grants were received. That was more than the commission had available to give out. He said that by working with the agencies on the amounts of their requests, the total was reduced to $195,347.

Agencies can apply for the grants for equipment that could not be funded by their cities. Agencies receiving funding are:

• Carl Junction Police Department — $15,422 for equipment for two officers and vehicles to include computers, body cameras, prisoner partitions, light bars and gun mounts.

• Carthage Police Department — $23,625 for multiple pole cameras and portable radios.

• Carterville Police Department — $15,876 for a body camera, docking station, stun guns and stun gun cartridges.

• Duenweg Police Department — $27,400 for a new department truck.

• Duquesne Police Department — $10,160 for a computer docking station with power adapters, a stun gun and some software.

• Jasper County Juvenile Division — $9,156 for an armor vest, a laptop computer, some mattresses and a weather radio.

• Jasper Police Department — $30,718 for a new police car with emergency lights and a data contract for communication.

• Oronogo Police Department — $21,100 for two used police vehicles, body cameras, software and licensing fees.

• Sarcoxie Police Department — $9,117 for report writing software, a cellular hotspot, inclement weather gear, a stun gun and two portable radios.

• Webb City Police Department — $32,771 for 20 vest carriers with ballistic panels, half of the cost of an in-house surveillance system, half the cost of a radio recorder service and some vehicle equipment.

County voters passed the quarter-cent law enforcement sales tax in November 2005, and collections began in May 2006. The tax was implemented to help fund law enforcement services for the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department and the prosecuting attorney’s office while also benefiting smaller municipal police departments in the county.

A percentage of the funds is made available to county law enforcement agencies with the submission of annual grant proposals to the sheriff’s office. A grant board, appointed by the Jasper County Commission, reviews the applications and awards the funds to the departments. The grants amount to about $200,000 annually and are available to all county municipal police departments.

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