A Joplin man originally charged with both physically and sexually assaulting a woman received some shock prison time Monday on a conviction for domestic assault.

Circuit Judge Dean Dankelson assessed Scott D. DeGroat, 37, five years on a conviction for second-degree domestic assault in Jasper County Circuit Court, with the term to be served in a shock incarceration program that calls for court review for possible placement on probation after 120 days.

DeGroat pleaded guilty to the charge Feb. 1 in a plea agreement dismissing a count of second-degree sodomy involving sexual assault of the same woman about eight months after the domestic assault.

DeGroat was accused in November 2019 of choking the woman with his hands for several minutes, leaving visible marks on her neck, a cut on her lip and bruising on an arm, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

In June 2020, he purportedly perpetrated a forcible act of sodomy on her that put her in a hospital, according to a second affidavit.

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