121515 Galena standoff

Local, state and federal law enforcement officers are involved in a standoff in Galena where a man wanted on felony charges in Missouri has been holed up overnight.

GALENA, Kan. — A man wanted on felony charges in Missouri has been holed up overnight in the attic of a house in Galena and refusing to surrender.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves said local, state and federal law enforcement officers involved in the standoff have reason to believe Doug Alexius, 40, of Joplin is armed, although no shots have been fired.

Groves said sheriff's deputies, Galena police and agents with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the FBI served a search warrant about 9 p.m. Monday at 1009 E. Fifth St. looking for Alexius and removed a woman and four children from the home. In the course of serving the warrant, they learned that Alexius was hiding in the attic of the single-story houise and might be armed.

The reputed member of the Joplin Honkies is wanted in Missouri on a misdemeanor count of assaulting a law enforcement officer as well as felony burglary and drug charges. The FBI became involved with the issuance of a federal warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Groves said law enforcement has the house secured and is waiting Alexius out at this point.

"Time is on our side," the sheriff said. "We have the luxury of being able to rotate officers out. At some point, he's going to have to come out of there."

Jeff Lehr is a reporter for The Joplin Globe. 

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