A former Joplin middle school teacher drew a 20-year term in a federal prison at her sentencing Tuesday on a conviction for sexual enticement of a student.

At a hearing in federal court in Springfield, U.S. District Judge Roseann Ketchmark ordered Amanda R. Schweitzer, 42, to serve the sentence without parole and then remain on supervised release for 15 years.

Schweitzer pleaded guilty to the charge June 16, 2020, in a plea agreement with the U.S attorney’s office in Springfield that dismissed a second count of transferring obscene material to a minor.

The defendant was a teacher at North Middle School in Joplin when allegations surfaced in March 2017 that she sent nude pictures of herself to three boys at the school. The school’s principal had been contacted by the mothers of the boys concerning photos sent to their sons via Instagram.

The reports were passed along to the state’s child abuse hotline and Joplin police, and interviews of the boys were conducted at the Children’s Center in Joplin.

When the mother of two of the boys brought them to the center for their interviews, she informed a detective that one of her sons had disclosed to her that he had had sex with Schweitzer the previous day.

The boy told investigators during his interview that Schweitzer began sending him text messages several weeks earlier, indicating that she considered him to be “hot” and that she “wanted” him. according to a police report. They continued communicating via Instagram, and she purportedly sent him nude photos of herself.

Schweitzer also encouraged him to send her similar photos of himself, he told investigators.

The week before his interview, it had been spring break and she had taken him “to the river” in her car and they had sex for the first time.

She was drinking and offered him some of her drink, which he refused, he told investigators.

Police came to believe the location where she took him was a campground south of Joplin in Newton County.

A possible corroborating witness came forward in April to state that he recognized Schweitzer, through images of her on local news coverage, as a woman he had encountered in the campground, although he was uncertain of the exact date. He said she was in the company of a boy he took to be her son.

The woman told the witness that her family often used the campground and that she worked at North Middle School in Joplin. He told police that he could smell alcohol in the cup she had in her hand and that he thought it odd that she would be drinking in front of her son.

The boy told investigators that the second time they had sex had been the day before the interview when he had not gone to school. He was at a relative’s home when she texted him asking why he was not in school and then came by and picked him up and took him to her house, where they again had sex, he said.

Schweitzer still faces charges of statutory rape in Jasper County and child kidnapping, statutory rape and statutory sodomy in Newton County.

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