Big Daddy Weave, the popular contemporary Christian band, will soon make its annual concert stop in Joplin.

This is the third time in as many years the five-member band has performed in Southwest Missouri: In 2017, the band played at Central Christian Center; last year, at Calvary Baptist Joplin.

This year, the band will perform at 7 p.m. Wednesday inside the Ozark Christian College’s Chapel, 1111 N. Main St.

“We love Joplin. We love being in Missouri,” said Mike Weaver, the band’s leader and singer. “Missouri has always had a special place in our hearts. And we love the folks in Joplin.”

To back up that statement, on the band’s Facebook page, a picture of the band performing was posted on July 19 with the caption: ‘We’ll see you soon, Joplin!’

“It’s always cool to come back ... and pick up where you left off,” he said.

Big Daddy Weave remains one of Christian music’s top acts and one of its biggest headliners, selling more than 1 million records. Between 2012 and 2015, the band achieved five straight No. 1 singles on the radio, including “My Story,” “Redeemed” and “The Only Name (Yours Will Be).”

The band came about when a friend convinced Weaver that “praying for people” can take many forms — including heartfelt music that boasts a positive message.

“I remember there was this night and a friend of mine was on the bus with us, and I was just sharing my frustration of burnout with him and I said, ‘Sometimes I just think that we should just shut down the entire thing and just pray for people,’” Weaver said in a video promoting the band’s current Alive Tour 2019. “‘And he looks at me, like real seriously, and said: ‘Mike — you should do that.’”

And that’s exactly what he and the other members of the band — Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk and Brian Beihl — have done: mixing concert entertainment with prayer and redemption.

More times than not, following a concert, fans will stand, arms held high, and pray with the band members.

“You see them come up and you see (life) weigh on them, it’s like 10,000 pounds under their eyelids — they’re just hurting,” said Jay Weaver. “And then you see the lord show up and you begin to pray together ...”

“... And something just totally blindsides them,” said Shirk, “and they (leave) as a totally different person.”

Also performing will be violinist Jonathan Chu as well as Becca Bradley and her cello.

General admission tickets are $20. There are also early entry tickets ($35) and premium tickets ($75), which include a post-concert photo with the band and a premium laminate pass.


Did you know?

When Mike Weaver established his Christian band, he decided to name it after his real name and his beloved nickname. He combined “Big Daddy” — friends had called him that because, he said, he’s a big man — with his last name, though the “r” was dropped so “Big Daddy Weave” could flow more easily off the tongue.

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