English band to make stop at Joplin's Guitars

Dinosaur Pile-Up will make its first stop to Southwest Missouri with a Friday concert at Guitars Rock N’ Country Bar in Joplin. Tickets are on sale now.Courtesy | Dinosaur Pile-Up

Between gigs in Dallas and St. Louis next week, Dinosaur Pile-Up will participate in a one-night stopover in Joplin.

The alternative rock band will be performing live at 7 p.m. Friday at Guitars Rock-N-Country Bar and Nightclub, 1800 W. Seventh St. Doors open at 5 p.m.

Just don’t be surprised if you hear “chap” or “bloke” or “bloody” dropped during the show. After all, the band’s trio — Matt Bigland, Michael Sheils (drums) and Jim Cratchley (bass) — hail from England.

It’s the band’s first-ever headlining tour of the United States, having rocked venues in their hometown of Leeds, as well as in London, Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow.

“We’re six weeks deep into this whole tour, and we’re ready to crush the next four,” the band posted on Instagram to their Joplin fans last week. “Can’t wait to play all these new songs for you dudes. Come hang out, say hey and get squirrely at Guitars.”

Some of the songs played live on Friday will be lifted from the band’s latest album, “Celebrity Mansions.” The first single released from their fourth album was “Thrash Metal Cassette,” followed quickly by “Back Foot” and “Round the Bend.”

“We are excited to bring this type of entertainment back (to) Joplin,” said Curt Zimmerman, Guitars manager, who admitted he’s a huge DPU fan. “I’ve always been a fan ... (and was) lucky enough to catch them during this rare U.S. tour. This is the first of many concerts that we will be booking.

“If we can prove this to be a success once again, we will be back on the radar and catch many tours as they come through the area.”

Musical influences range far and wide across several major musical genres, from alt-rock (Foo Fighters, Weezer, Nirvana), rock (The Beach Boys and The Beatles) and metal (Slayer and Deftones).

“We never set out to be the biggest band in the world,” Bigland told The Atlantic. “I was much more interested in being the best ... because I never stopped thinking, ‘We’re really good at this, and maybe these songs can make people’s lives better than they are.’”

It will be an all international flavor with the Toronto-based band BRKN Love opening for DPU.

Tickets are $10 in advance; $15 at the door; $25 VIP.

Details: 417-782-6444.

What’s in a name?

Where do band names come from, you ask? Well, Matt Bigland said “Dinosaur Pile-Up” came about after he watched Peter Jackson’s 2005 movie “King Kong,” in which a group of dinosaurs, halfway through the movie, literally pile up along a steep cliff.