Joe Hadsall

Joe Hadsall

~ In an attempt of rare, geeky restraint, I will attempt to write about kittens and cats without referencing LOLcats, asking “O RLY?” or “I can has cheezburger?” or writing the word “kitteh” for this first bullet point.

However, the story is kinda sad, so if you don’t want to be bummed, skip to the second bullet point. Kthxbai!

Epic fail.

Anyway ... I was happy to see the Carthage City Council do the right thing and enact an ordinace that allows residents to care for feral cats and help control populations by spaying or neutering then releasing.

The reason I’m happy is sitting right now either in our garage or the back porch of Geek Central, located near the seemingly redundantly named Gabby Street Boulevard.

Her name is Kevin. She is a cute kitteh -- KITTEN -- that adopted us. One day in April, she just trotted up while my wife and I were on the back porch. She was meowing pretty loudly and acted incredibly affectionate. After a while, we gave in and gave her some food.

That was in April. She has stuck around ever since. She was waiting for us when we came back from a three-day vacay in Indy. We figured we needed to get her to the vet, but delayed, fearing that she belonged to somebody.

But we didn’t act quickly enough. Two weeks ago, the kitten had kittens.

We found the litter of five on our porch on a hot Monday morning. One was separated from the rest, and meowing loudly from underneath a table. We quickly found momma in the corner and reunited them.

Sadly, our efforts to protect them while keeping them outside didn’t work out so well. Two of them got sick and died -- one of them died in my hands.

Kevin’s maternal instinct kicked in and she hid the other three. But we found only one. We think it’s the same one that we found under the table on the first day of its life.

In a matter of two weeks, we went from thinking that we’d get five cats ready for adoption, to seriously thinking about keeping the survivor. If these strays have captured OUR hearts as strongly as they have, I can only imagine the emotion felt by the people in Carthage who regularly care for strays. Losing four itty-bitty kitties is hard on the heart.

So well done, Carthage City Council. You did the right thing.

~ Back to happier things -- nothing is going to make me happier than getting the final season of “Lost” on DVD this month. Due to be released on Aug. 24, the set comes with a bunch of special features, including about 12 minutes of Hurley and Ben running the Island.

This epoligue, named “The New Man in Charge,” is a last fling for those who loved to celebrate getting answers and learning new mysteries. It will remind us why we loved the show and why it drove us crazy.

The story will revolve around how Hurley and Ben change the Island’s mission, including what they do with the Dharma Initiative. Among all the other special features, it promises to be one of the most eagerly watched segments of the DVD -- despite it leaking on the Internet.

It’ll be good to get some answers to lingering questions, but ultimately it’s just another chance to be disappointed by what DOESN’T get answered. So I’m going in with no expectations.

Except that Hurley will rock. I’m hoping that Hurley chucks another Hot Pocket at Ben.

~ Maybe Weezer is trying to make up for the time the band wasted when it went on hiatus, before the green album. Weezer’s third album in as many years is coming out on Sept. 14.

Named “Hurley” (yes, named after Hurley from “Lost”), it sounds like a blessed return to a more organic, rock sound. The first single, “Memories,” reminds me of some of the awkward, clunky songs on Pinkerton that made that album so endearing.

Here’s hoping it’s a return to form -- I can’t take another “Can’t Stop Partying.”  

~ I’ve been on a retro-gaming kick lately. Specifically, “The Legend of Zelda.”

I’ve played through the original Nintendo classic and the reboot for the Super Nintendo, “Zelda: A Link to the Past.” (I’m not a fan of the side-scrolling Zelda 2 for NES.)

I had forgotten what great games those were -- they captured a spirit of discovery and exploration that has been hard for video games to match. Including all the bad English translations. Lookin’ at you, “Pay me for the door repair charge.”

It’s amazing to me that a game that came out more than 20 years ago can still command such replayability -- even after discovering the second quest. (Was there any bigger punch in the gut, than discovering that everything in Hyrule got moved around for the second quest?)

If you can get a hold of a copy, it’s so worth the time. I can’t wait to show this game to my 10-year-old stepson, Duncan.

~ Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the book, “I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Next Class President,” by Josh Lieb.

A producer for “The Daily Show,” Lieb has written an addicting, unique book about one kid’s quest for political power. Never mind that Oliver Watson has a large, powerful empire of industry in the underground regions of Omaha, Neb. He wants everyone to think he is a simpleton, so that he’s free to rule the world in anonymity.

Why does he want to bother with being class president? Just read it. It’s a young-adult book, so you’ll be done in only a few hours. And it is hilarious: If the first paragraph doesn’t get a laugh or a gasp, then you may be a creepy kind of person.

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